TGDA responds to coronavirus: Stay safe

The Tucson Disc Golf Association is aware that COVID-19 is not something that anyone should be taking lightly.
We have canceled all TDGA affiliated leagues until further notice. If you have not read the PDGA’s recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please review it at your earliest convenience, on the PDGA website. As we respect their recommendations. 
Public parks have not been shut down in Arizona and we cannot keep the public from going to parks / disc golf courses. Please understand (as you may know) people will continue to play disc golf at our local disc golf courses. IF you should decide to continue using the disc golf courses, PLEASE 
-limit your groups as recommended by CDC
-stay 6 feet away from each other
-limit touching the baskets
-do not touch other people’s discs or other belongings
-wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible 
-use hand sanitizer throughout the round.
-Avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands 
– wash your bags and discs regularly -use a 1 to 10 bleach solution for your discs) 
We understand that this is an unfortunate time for our sport, as most of us play on a daily basis. As one of the strongest Disc Golf communities, we need to stay strong and stick together. Meaning limit the controversial post and comments on all Tucson affiliated Disc Golf sites for the time being. Let’s not lose relationships within our Disc Golf community over this pandemic.
As always, thank you all for being apart of our great community, stay safe and healthy! 
We will be back to normal play as soon as possible! 
Chris Dawkins. President ,Tucson Disc Golf Assn. 

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