Pick your plastic: Tell us what you want in the TDGC store

What do you want to see in the club store? The TDGC wants to know what members want, as it periodically replenishes the club store of discs. To that end, as the next club purchase approaches, club Treasurer Mike Wierda asks members to let us know what kind of discs they’d like to see available in the club disc bins, by posting replies to this post, specifying what model discs (including plastic types and weights) they prefer. (USE ‘LEAVE A REPLY’ LINK ABOVE THIS POST)

Remember, buying discs through the non-profit club helps helps support and grow disc golf in greater Tucson.

3 thoughts on “Pick your plastic: Tell us what you want in the TDGC store

  1. Chris McCoy

    I would like for 173 champion boss any color. Also, I would like a 173 icon plastic cannon any color. That is all.

  2. JP

    Tbh, I have more discs than I need (or so my wife tells me. 😉 ). What might be good, though, are some of the odds and ends: leds for glow-night, markers, etc.


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