Tee times for second round of 2018 TDGA Member Tourney

Here are the tee times for the second round of the 2018 TDGA Member Tourney, please pardon and typos as we were trying to get this up asap. Please arrive 1/2 hour before your scheduled tee time and arrive at the No. 1 B tee 10 minutes before your tee time. Thanks for your patience as we deal with a somewhat overwhelming turnout and thanks for your support of Tucson Disc Golf!

Here is a handy PDF of the tee times.

Tee time Name 1st Rd.  
8:00 Ethan Sz. 50 MA2
  Richard Machen 56  
  Jason Sz. 57  
  Bret Nichols 57  
8:08 Brian Kaylor 58  
  Kevin 59  
  Tim Sell 59  
  Colten 60  
8:16 Tim Meade 60  
  Jerrod D.  60  
  Daniel B 60  
  Travis Sharp 60  
8:24 Trevor Anderson 62  
  James Reaus 62  
  Tom Oravetz 63  
  Joe Young dnp  
8:32 Keaton Jarvis 63  
  Kyle Unger 63  
  Kyle Rogney 63  
  Matthew W. 63  
8:40 Chris DeWitt 64  
  Nick Scala 64  
  Justin Spoon 64  
  Kevin Smith 65  
8:48 Henry Taliman 65  
  Jim Campbell 65  
  John Spain 66  
  John Parham 66  
8:56 Christopher Arnoldi 66  
  Shane H 66  
  Vladmir Putin 66  
  Mark Forester 66  
9:04 Nico W 67  
  JoSh Fidel 68  
  Jose Loreto 69  
  Jermeiah Russ 70  
9:12 Richard Culler 70  
  Matthew Lee 71  
  Peter Staab 71  
  Zack DePuis 73  
9:20 Bryan West 74  
  Marc Zelov 77  
  Jon Young 78  
  Tim Bishop 81  
9:28 Lucas Staab 90  
  Nick Oliboni 98  
  Sherri Nichols 85  
  Briana G 89  
9:36 Chad Miltenberger 52  
  Dan Varela 57  
  Scott Honimichl 57  
  Trevor Chilcote 58  
  Bradley Brice 59  
9:44 Clif Webb 59  
  Rick Holcomb 61  
  Max Finger 61  
  Noah Sax 62  
9:52 Jeff Garland 65  
  Dan Gibbs 65  
  Dakota W 65  
  Dave Rico 65  
10:00 Steve Kvenvold 66  
  Mike Wierda 66  
  Robert Szaniszio 69  
  Michael Sz 71  
10:08 Donald Carr 71  
  Andy Sz. 73  
  joe Arenas 73  
  David Himebaugh 74  
10:16 Brian Boyne 58  
  Scott Y 58  
  Ed Cota 59  
  Paris Cabral 59  
10:24 Mike Wesner 61  
  Aveesh 64  
  Johnny Birge 65  
  Gary Jones 65  
10:32 Kelly Beitel 66  
  Tim Cripe 67  
  travis Bowen 67  
  Colin Germaine 72  
10:40 Den Salaswat 74  
  Vincent Martinez 77  
  Bob Wareing 82  
  Neal Bonser dnp  
10:48 Aggie Westerhoff 65  
  Brittany Z 67  
  Patricia Carr 71  
10:56 Ben Bates 50  
  Aidan Salado 53  
  Ben Cobb 55  
  Justin Andrews 55  
11:04 Jason Deeds 57  
  Mike Hage 59  
  Karl Y 60  
  Mississippi 61  
11:12 Scott Carle 53  
  Andy Valentine 56  
  Wayne Blas  58  
  Lou  59  
11:20 Dave Shircore 60  
  Robert Hale 60  
  Early 63  
  Todd Weber 64  
11:28 Quetnin 52  
  John Waugaman 56  
  Romny 56  
  Dylan M 56  
11:36 Shone G 57  
  Chris K 58  
  Ben Vosper 58  
  Brian Wilson 60  
11:44 Eric Heaslett 62  
  Brandon Young 70  
  Mike Mar 65  
11:52 Patricia Miller 61  
  Kimberly T 62  
  Hannah S 63  
12:00 Steve Goen 61  
  Daniel Stevens 63  
  Frank Shields 64  
12:08 Tommy Townsend 55  
  Jared Hylander 56  
  Morgan Tindall 57  
  Thomas Z. Elliott 57  
  Chris Dawkins 59  
12:16 Zared Yates 53  
  Jaxon Birge 53  
  Chris McCoy 54  
  Frank Miller 54  
12:24 Ryan Lyke 50  
  Lance Sinclair 52  
  AJ Herr 52  
  Josh Damron 53  
12:32 Nick Stefano 48  
  Jeremy Herr 48  
  Daniel Bohme 49  
  Chad Cassett 50  
  Steve Miller 50  

21st Turkey Shoot scores!

The 21st annual Turkey Shoot teed off amid record November heat last Saturday, with about 65 players taking in part in the Tucson tradition. Thanks to all participants, and especially Dave Shircore who makes this magically happen every year! Great course with man new lay-zeros, lotsa fun, also some good food thanks to Travis Bowen who brought delicious tacos!

Attached here in Excel format are the Turkey Shoot results, will try and post PDF version asap:

Turkey Shoot Results 2017

Turkey Shoot looms, TDGA board to meet

A Tucson tradition, The 21st Annual Turkey Shoot will tee off Saturday, Nov. 25 at Santa Cruz River Park! There is online preregistration, but you can pre-register with TD Dave Shircore at tdgatreasurer16@gmail.com and pay via PayPal. See flyer below.


Also the TDGA board will meet this Thursday November 16 at 6:30 pm at The Home Plate, 8579 N Silverbell Rd. An agenda has been posted in Board Meetings under About the Club. Major discussion will be planning for a year-end bag tag challenge in December and the member tourney in January.

2017 TDGA Club Election Underway

TDGA election electronic ballots have been emailed to 2017 members of record. Voting ends Thursday, Nov. 15 at 11:45 p.m. 
Vice President Jeremy Herr and Treasurer Dave Shircore are running unopposed for two-year terms. The candidates for amateur representative (1 yr. term) are Kyle Unger and Travis Bowen.
If you didn’t get the email, that means the club doesn’t have your email address or it’s incorrect. 
PAPER Ballots will be available through club officers and at club leagues, or you can print one out from the ballot below.


TDGA Official Ballot 2017

Last call for TDGA board nominations

Tucson Disc Golf Club will hold an election beginning Friday Nov. 11, to elect three officers – vice president and treasurer, who serve two year terms, and the amateur representative (one-year term).
Nominations for the board positions will be accepted through November 9; to nominate someone, print out a nomination form and fill out or visit the following this link to fill out the form.
Please fill out and turn in nominations by November 1st to VP Jeremy Herr or any board member (we will be accepting them at leagues.)

Volunteers needed for Family Fest; TDGA board to meet


Member Justin Andrews helps a little guy putt as Ashley encourages, during the 2015 Family Festival in the Park.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Tucson Parks and Rec has once again invited us to participate in its annual Family Festival in the Park on November 18th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at Reid Park. Each local rec group sets up a booth and we’ve been doing this for several years, we set up a putting station and a few holes that have been pretty popular and it’s a great outreach to the community. It’s also a real hoot watching the little guys get excited to make a putt or drive it 100 feet..
In the past there’s just been a few of us, I’d like to get a crew of about 10 and we can have an early shift 9:30-noon with setup and then late shift noon-2-teardown so we all don’t have to commit to 4 hours. 
PLEASE consider donating a couple of hours of your time to this worthy endeavor. We’ve created a public FB group linked to the club page to coordinate, for now just chime in there with your interest and availability and we’ll set up a schedule in the next couple weeks.

The TDGA board is scheduled to meet Thursday Oct. 12 at 7 p.m., at Rusty’s Family Restaurant, 2075 W Grant Rd. An agenda is posted under Board Meetings.